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There is a typical saying that pets are human’s loyal friends, and indeed! It’s true. Pets shower love and don’t expect anything in return. Also, researchers have continuously told us that pets stimulate the feel-good factor by being around. Just touching their furry body or petting them soothes the mind and soul. However, this is not the only reason to adopt a pet. Here are the others:

A pet will always lend an ear to what you share

While growing as an adolescent, you may face turmoil in your life or can be in chaos, during situations of sadness or competition, or other factors such as changing of hormones. Many times, you might not want to share your feelings with family or friends due to the fear of being judged. However, with a pet, you don’t need to think twice before telling your conundrums. You know why is it vital to share your feelings and thoughts with someone? Because keeping your thoughts within can cause anxiety, which is not suitable for your mental health. Hence, the happy mantra is – share all your insecurities and fears with your pet. Keep your mind relaxed to channelise all your focus on your studies and career.


Always be your companion

Irrespective of your appearance, intelligence, or mood, a pet will always be on your side and will give you his/her attention when you need it most. The only factor that is necessary for a pet is your existence, unlike other friends that may leave you during your sad moments or dark days. Among other psychological benefits, owning a pet also has a positive impact on your self-esteem as you will never have a feeling of being alone.

Engage you in physical activities

With the advent of the internet, teens remain busy in playing mobile games and watching videos, which leads to a reduction in physical activity. Hence, having a pet will ensure that either you go for a walk or get involved in playing ball games which is essential to bust stress as it increases the level of oxytocin hormones (stress-reducing) in the body. Even professors from the University of Massachusetts found out from their research that teens from dog-owning families get involved in moderate to vigorous physical activities daily, rather than those who don’t have pets.


Regulate the emotional temperature in the house

For many teens, it is easier to hug a pet than a family person. In such cases, pets keep the family emotionally connected by teaching teens how to give back love and affection.

Bottom line

Now, as we have looked on the positive side of having a pet, let’s focus on the other side of the equation. Not every adult is comfortable with a pet due to various reasons such as allergy, which is fine. However, if you want to own a pet, remember it comes with an expense and responsibility. Thus, discuss with your parents openly if they can bear the cost of adding another member in the family as it includes food, veterinary visits and quality care. If everything goes fine, then welcome a pet at your home and spend happy times enjoying its warmth

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