Skillioma’s reading program is powerful learning for an all-round development and all global skills in one go. Expand your brain power and become a leader with our reading program.

The reading program at Skillioma caters to all levels of audience starting from grade 6 to working professionals. You just have to filter the content under interest level for your needs and you will have the doors open for 400+ content, 2000+ vocabulary words, 400+ critical thinking assignments. The content is dynamic, keeps growing and you will have access to new content every week. To learn more, visit our FAQ’s below.

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If you look at these fascinating facts about reading, you will definitely be interested to embark on the reading journey. The benefits of reading are too many to ignore. All leaders are readers and you cannot become one if you put away reading. Although Skillioma’s content has videos in most of its content, reading is fully encouraged. Above all, our content is specially written for you. It is engaging, authentic, full of examples for your learning.

  • A CEO reads 60 books an year on an average. Bill Gates reads for 3 hours per day.
  • Knowledge is a powerful gift you can invest in for your life and career. And reading is the gateway to earning success.
  • Reading improves memory. Reading puts your brain to work. Reading helps improve concentration in children.
  • Reading enhances brain development, memory, empathy and emotional intelligence.
  • According to research published in Neurology, reading for 30 min a day will help reduce the decline of memory and brain power that comes with age by 32%.
  • Reading can help you relax. One 2009 study by Sussex University researchers showed that reading may reduce stress by as much as 68 percent.

If you are still not sure, just sign up for one month access and you will see the difference:-)

Skillioma’s reading program is subscription only and will have access to the entire content from all skill areas. The content keeps growing from 400+ articles and 2000+ vocabulary words. You will get a learning plan to create a plan of your own. You will learn new vocabulary and have access to all critical thinking questions that you can do on your own. For Skill courses, you will get a Learning Management System(LMS) with the course content you signed up for and critical thinking assignments that will be graded by Skillioma’s expert mentors.You will be able to earn a blockchain certificate based on the score and feedback. To learn more about certificates, click here.

Reading is very important for your overall brain health and development. It improves your language proficiency, vocabulary and stimulates your brain into thinking holistically. It will create the Higher Order Thinking Skills that are very essential for your work and career growth. Moreover, you will have all the skills content at your disposal which means you have the full powerful content that is exactly necessary for your growth in terms of moving up your career ladder. If you are not really looking for a certificate based course, then this reading program will empower you in all respects and move you closer to success. Most courses will cover the depth of one area moving from top to bottom, but if you analyse, your work requires the breadth or end-end knowledge as well. Without the breadth of knowledge, you cannot become a leader or a manager or work for international clients. All higher level roles require the breadth more than the depth and this is going to be very crucial in the AI world. Think of learning the skills that AI cannot automate and that sets you apart. If you invest now in your future learning, success is bound to come.

In college learning, you will be focusing only on academic learning. But when you enter the corporate world, you will need more holistic knowledge and skills so you are able to crack the interview and do well in your jobs. Skillioma’s reading program helps each individual in learning the language, becoming adept at it along with learning all kinds of 21st century skills. Our general knowledge section has the current affairs, sports, tech news covered in the most unbiased way and is written in terms of building a knowledge base for you. Skillioma’s reading program is a doorway to bringing career success as it enables you to think outside the box, become a critical thinker and these are the skills all employers look for. You will be able to work for international clients, work as a freelancer on your own terms and be able to make higher pay. Reading will enable you to empower yourself with a powerhouse of knowledge that in turn boosts your confidence and success. All popular successful people are readers: Bill Gates, Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi, Jeff Bezos, etc. Moreover Skillioma’s reading program isn’t fiction reading, it is skill based learning through reading wherein you spend 20% of your time and will reap 80% of benefits, regardless of your college stream/group.

Only 25% of students in India read today and it’s dying. The habit of reading is essential for your overall development and success in your higher education. The future of work is going to be entirely dependent on your independent learning skills, research skills, out of the box thinking, critical thinking and reading will boost all of these skills for you. The sooner you start reading, the better it is for your holistic development. Moreover, Skillioma’s content is meticulously created for you and personalized by age level, so you can grasp the content easily and it is engaging for you. You will be ahead of your peers, you will develop language, vocabulary skills, and the 21st century skills in one go. General knowledge section has current affairs, science, tech, sports news written for you to build perspectives, knowledge, interdisciplinary learning which means you can easily appear and score better in competitive exams. You will be prepared for all competitive exams(SAT, ACT, IIM, etc), both nationally and internationally as reading is a section for all these exams. Rote memorisation kills your creativity, so building all the essential life skills is important for your career growth. Skillioma helps you build those skills and helps you move away from rote memorisation. You will start loving to read more!!

Skillioma’s content is updated twice a week at this time and will be increasing to thrice a week later. All content is relevant, unbiased, authentic, written by experts, personalised and powerful.

All the content in Skillioma is Written by domain experts in-house Original and Authentic Filled with examples and scenarios Visual with infographics Relevant Personalised Concept based Powerful The framework is created by industry stalwarts for right, relevant learning in less time to build a great future for life and career. You spend only 20% of your time and reap 80% of benefits with Skillioma’s copyrighted framework.

Robust Framework

If you spend 30 minutes of reading per day or 2-3 hours a week, and attempt the critical thinking questions, you will be able to see a huge difference in 2-3 months, in terms of confidence and knowledge.

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