Common myths busted

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In this lesson, we will aim at busting some of the common myths in the entrepreneurial journey. These are myths and common questions that come out of the mind of a new entrepreneur which you will appreciate more because these questions cannot be answered by anyone else for you.

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If you are an MBA graduate from a top notch university, you may be a little ahead in your knowledge on how to take certain steps. However, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to do everything and be successful. Especially in this digital era, anyone can learn any skill at any time if they have the will and commitment towards learning it. At the same time the contrary is not true either. Just because you were not a business graduate, it does not mean you cannot start your own business. So, to run a startup you need life skills which are problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, leadership, finance, marketing, business, communication, entrepreneurship skills more so than your college degree or qualification whether it is an MBA or something else.


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