Animals are our Friends

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Story: Animals are our Friends

Gogi is very excited. Because today is his birthday. His parents promise to take him to an animal sanctuary.

“But what is an animal sanctuary?” asks Gogi to his mother.

Zoo keeps the animals in cage which makes them sad. So an animal sanctuary is a place where animals live a happy and free life.

Animals are our Friends 3

“Wow! That means I can also play with baby animals there”, says Gogi.

His mother smiles, “Yes my son! Of course you can”.

They pack food to feed the animals. And then together they go to celebrate his birthday in an animal sanctuary of their town.

Gogi is surprised to see so many injured animals getting good medical treatment. He jumps with joy and plays with a baby elephant. He touches the baby gently and lovingly.

He also gives milk to the baby elephant who lost his mother. He plays with him in the mud. Gogi’s parents join them as well. They spend their day happily in nature with animals. Truly, it is the most memorable birthday for Gogi.

Poem: Rain, Rain, Please Come to me

I feed the cow
I feed the goat
I keep a water bowl for birds.
I care for them
I pray for them
I feed all animals with love.

Animals are our Friends 2

I touch my
mother’s feet with love.
I listen to her advice.
I touch my
father’s feet with love.
I listen to his advice.

Animals are our Friends 1I wake up early
I sleep on time
I say thank you every day.
I do this every day
to be disciplined
and forever a kind child.

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Power Words :

  • Sanctuary
  • Animal
  • Celebrate
  • Injured
  • Treatment
  • Gently
  • Lovingly
  • Memorable


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