A New Ed-Tech Platform Skillioma Launches In The Market

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This year, the Ed-tech industry has scaled up and outperformed most of the startups in the parallel industries. After the pandemic has shown its true colours and learning has turned completely online, the ed-tech industry has boomed. Amongst many big names such as White Hat Jr, Byjus, and Vedantu, it’s now time for a new ed-tech startup to make its entry into this market, Skillioma.

In trying times like these, where lack of skill is resulting in loss of jobs, it has become important for every individual to skill up and keep their knowledge up to date and relevant to their industry and beyond. Skillioma is first in India to come up with such a unique plan to encourage people to learn beyond the curriculum. In simpler words, Skillioma bridges the gap between books and the real world. They follow a blended learning technique which brings out the best in you, helps you master real-life concepts easily and also help you achieve excellence in career.

Deepa & Harish Thatikonda, a couple who have worked in the US for two decades have left their lucrative jobs and started Skillioma. An online learning platform that engages in interdisciplinary content-based learning beyond academic learning curriculum. Skillioma’s personalised content is fully aligned to real-world learning and immediately addresses the issue of the skill gap between education and employment. Skillioma is proud to soon be aligning to the NEP2020 policy which aims at holistic and life skills education.

Learning is not an event, it is a process that has to be enjoyed by the student at all ages including adulthood. And above all learning has to be relevant, which is definitely lost in India’s education system. Skillioma’s personalised learning framework has relevance and can tailor to all ages starting from 3rd grade to working professionals.

Skillioma sports an annual certification plan that is meticulously designed for those that are aiming to secure, grow and thrive in jobs. The plan focuses on Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, Job & Career Skills, Money Skills, Business and Marketing Skills, General Awareness Skills and Entrepreneurship Skills amongst many which are interdisciplinary in nature. And it has a plethora of features like a personal mentor, comprehensive study plan, blended learning techniques, real-world scenarios, four integrated workshops, assignments, assessments. This is specially designed for those who are missing out on promotions in jobs, losing opportunities to work outside India or not able to secure jobs due to lack of communication skills.

This plan is also helpful for school students in improving communication skills, writing skills, cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, presentation skills, research work, in building reading fluency & vocabulary, for participating in group discussions, for boosting academic excellence in subjects English, business studies, economics, enterprise and to identify their passion at an early stage. This integrated way of learning is possible only with Skillioma because of its uniquely designed framework.

“We look up to the western education and wish to have one in our country because of their practical approach to learning. Simply put, success comes not from marks/scores or grades; but from cognitive thinking skills(higher-order thinking skills) and to get that everyone needs to start with “Reading.” The first step to an overall holistic development of any individual is reading. India does not read and the western education system starts all learning through reading. We simply created a robust framework that integrates skill development, holistic knowledge with reading. It is a very powerful resource for schools, colleges and all individuals seeking career growth. Skillioma maps passion to employment and bridges the skill gap for potential job seekers.” Deepa said in an interview when asked about her vision for Skillioma.

Deepa aims to make Skillioma the one-stop destination for all learnings beyond curriculum. She wishes to instil the spirit of learning right from the initial stages of schooling to adulthood. Not just that, Skillioma also provides an amazing opportunity to all the young and budding minds who are all set to hit the professional world by bringing out the best in them.

Within just 6 months into launch, they are garnering a lot of praise and hope. In the coming year, Skillioma aims to bolster their reach to the mass and educate as many students, job seekers and working professionals as possible regardless of their background.

When asked where do you see Skillioma in a year, Founder & CEO Deepa Thatikonda says, ”We are expecting a few large chains to sign up for the year 2021. Our product is customisable, scalable, affordable and definitely the need of the hour. The idea is to be accessible and affordable to all sections of society. We wish to build a meaningful and relevant educational community in India and ensure it starts early from school age. So, we are taking this to schools, colleges, corporates, working professionals and they are readily onboarding this concept.”

The company is all set to create change in India’s education growth trajectory and is bagging support from educational leaders, institutions, governments, celebrities and aims to cater to all levels of people including rural areas.

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