20 popular job roles with a writing skill

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Writing is an important skill that allows professionals and businesses to communicate clearly with others and make interesting content. As a writer, you can work in a lot of different fields, like media, technology, advertising, and business. If you love writing, then you might be interested in learning about different jobs that let you use your skills. In this article, we show you 20 of the most common jobs for writers, show you how much they make, and give you an overview of what they do. Employers often look for people who can write well because they can communicate well with other people. A lot of people want to work as writers, and they can work full-time, part-time, or as a freelancer, depending on their personal and professional goals. Here are 20 popular writing jobs you can try:

1. Reporter 

When a reporter does research on a news story, they write about their findings in a news report to let people know what is going on in the world and in their own neighbourhood. They might write for online publications, newspapers, radio and TV stations, or even magazines and magazines. Reporters who work for broadcast stations may also show their stories on TV or on the radio. As you can see, many reporters have their own specialisation in a certain type of news, like sports or entertainment.

2. Grant Writer 

A grant writer makes research proposals and sends in applications to get money for their organisation. They often work for non-profits that use this money to keep providing help to people who need it. Grant writers can work for a single non-profit organisation, or they can work for a number of nonprofits as contractors. 

3. Journalist 

Journalists look into and research different topics to write articles for newspapers, TV shows, magazines, and other media outlets that aren’t biassed. They usually spend some of their time in an office where they write and do research, and some of their time in the field where they look into situations and talk to people. They may also come up with new story ideas and work with editors to make newsworthy content. 

4. Communications Officer 

They write press releases, brochures, and newsletters with the help of their employer’s marketing plan and branding rules. To write their content, they have to speak in a way that their boss likes. Communications officers also come up with ideas for how to use content to spread the word about the company’s services and products. In most cases, they are the person who is in charge of making sure that their employer, media, and the general public all know each other.

5. Publisher 

A publisher sets the rules for businesses that make magazines, books, newspapers, and digital content. They work with editors, writers, and designers to make sure the content their company makes is good. Publishers are also in charge of approving new projects and keeping a budget.

6. Social Media Manager 

A social media manager comes up with a plan for their clients or employees to make sure the content they post on social media is in line with the company’s brand guidelines. They then come up with new social media posts and comment on them on behalf of businesses. 

Many social media managers also use analysis tools that track how people interact with their posts and collect information about them. They then use this information to make their content better so they can better meet the needs of their audience and make more money for their company.

7. Copy Editors 

Work with copy editors to make sure your work is correct and professional. They fact-check, proofread, and edit written content to make sure the grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation are all correct, as well as the facts. Besides that, they also help writers improve their work by giving them advice on how to structure, tone, and voice their work. 

8. Advertising Managers 

For their clients or their boss, an advertising manager comes up with ideas for marketing plans. They also help other creative people make ads that fit into their marketing plans. Advertising managers work with art and copywriters to make marketing materials and assets.

9. Communication Specialist 

A communication specialist makes sure that all of the company’s and the company’s marketing materials are in order before the company gives them to the public. They make sure that all of the content is free of mistakes, is factually correct, and is written in the tone and voice that their employer likes. The fact that they don’t usually write new content doesn’t mean they don’t play an important role in the writing process. 

10. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists listen to audio files and write them down in text format, like a paper. They can work in a lot of different fields, like medicine, business, marketing, government, and law. A transcriptionist might work on projects like podcasts, lectures, webcasts, videos, and talk radio shows.

11. Copywriter 

A copywriter is someone who writes copy for a variety of things, like blogs, online articles, websites, ads, and social media. They use their writing skills to make people want to use a business’ products or services. This isn’t the only thing that copywriters do. They may also work on things like technical reports and social media content and speeches, and marketing emails, as well as the sales copy. 

12. Public Relations Manager 

 A public relations manager helps their clients or employers keep their public image good. They write press releases, speeches, and marketing content to get good press and fight bad press. They also want other writers, like journalists and bloggers, to write good things about their clients or employers.

13. Content Marketer 

They spend most of their time writing branded articles, like blog posts and scripts for web series. They also write social media posts. They might make content that is very clear that it is about a business, or they might make content that is more subtle by mentioning the employer or client in more general content. Content marketers try to make useful content for their customers so that they will be more interested in them and have a good image of their company. 

14. Executive Assistant 

An executive assistant does a lot of administrative work for a business executive, which can sometimes involve writing, but it’s not always. People who work as executive assistants do things like write briefs, make documents for business reports and write thank-you notes for people who work with them. Executive assistants are also in charge of taking calls, responding to emails, setting up meetings, and making travel arrangements. 

15. Proposal Writer

This type of writer looks at requests for proposals that businesses send out. Then they write proposals that will help their employer or their clients get a job. Proposal writers write documents that show how their company can provide the services or products another company needs.

16. Content Strategist 

A content strategist makes, develops, and manages online content, such as website content and blogs. These professional writers need to know a lot about search engine optimization and website analytics in order to write online content that is both interesting and effective. In addition to writing content, they may also work with a group of people who make videos, photos, and graphics. 

17. Director of Communications 

A director of communications is in charge of making sure that a business’s communication goals are met, as well as making sure that its branding and style guidelines are followed. They also make sure and help make sure that all of the content that the company puts out meets these rules, like press releases, newsletters, and other marketing materials. People who do this kind of work usually make a lot of money. It’s one of the high-level jobs in writing.

18. Professor 

Professors teach university or college students in their chosen fields. There are also times when they write lesson plans, do their own research, and write about their findings in academic journals. Professors may also write grant proposals in order to get money for their research. 

19. Proofreader 

A proofreader is a person who pays attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and typographical mistakes in writing. Most of the time, they do this work after a lot of editing has been done to the text. Proofreaders can work with a lot of different types of content, like website pages, legal documents, books, blog posts, and essays.

20. Technical Writers 

Technical writers turn complex subject matter into documents that are easy for non-technical audiences to understand. Some of the industries technical writers often work in include finance and engineering. Technical writers can work on a wide variety of projects, including writing instruction manuals, press releases, briefs or reports.

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